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Our business idea 

To develop products/services that simplify customer processes and automate the customer journey 

Our expertise covers the customer journey, customer processes and proven customer management methods.


With zero third party solutions we have developed AIFlow with several optional modules - a next generation software that encompasses the entire customer journey. It covers both modern CRM functionality in addition to relevant CEM-tracking throughout the customers life cycle; all in one solution. 

In Salire we advocate and believe that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) go hand in hand.

We are now ready for 2023-international launch after 3+ years of testing and ongoing product development. Equipped and prepared for rapid growth post launch with self service and a highly effective remote strategy. We currently target SMEs with 3-50 users, primarily B2B-profiles seeking to improve customer experience and performance. 

Over the past 24 months we have talked to and assessed more than 6000 SMEs. Consequently, we have documented what SMEs truly desire in an optimum and user-friendly customer relation management system. We will grow rapidly from the moment we officially launch our services in 2023. Want to stay tuned?  

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