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Developing products and services that simplify and enhance customer processes, and automate the customer journey


Make advanced high-end automation and integrations accessible and affordable to even the smallest businesses

We are building the new digtal workplace for SME's 


Vår skybaserte løsning som erstatter, og gjør så mye

mer for din bedrift enn en tradisjonell CRM.

Hørt om SMAAS?

Det står for “Sales Management As a Service”.

Vi kan for en periode gå inn i ditt selskap og overta, drifte

og optimalisere salgsavdelingen, og løfte aktivitet og resultat
i henhold til bedriftens fastsatte målsetninger. 


Vi vil i samarbeid med vår kunde analysere hele verdikjeden,
fra produkter og presentasjoner til kundeprospektering og salgsprosess.
I en slik prosess vil vi implementere vår metodikk for salgs og markedsaktiviteter sammen med vår løsning Aiflow som sørger for
at alle data knyttet til enhver kundeaktivitet lagres på én plattform.

Gode resultater

Vi kan love gode resultater, og en salgsavdeling som for ettertiden vil prestere på elitenivå. SMAAS passer for større virksomheter
og startups som mangler en god strategi knyttet til salg og markedsaktiviteter. For mer informasjon og priser fyll ut skjemaet nedenfor.

Fremtiden innen
digitalt salg

AIFLOW er vår skybaserte løsning som erstatter, og gjør så mye mer for din bedrift enn en tradisjonell CRM.

I AIFLOW har vi samlet grunnleggernes inngående kunnskap innen forretningsdrift, og salgs/kundeprosesser fra de minste til de største bedriftene i markedet på en ny digital plattform. Denne plattformen redefinerer begrepet “CRM”, og redefinerer hvordan man jobber. 

Våre metoder innen salg/kundebehandling har de siste 10 årene resultert i mangedoblet omsetning for flere av våre kunder.  

Vi revolusjonerer arbeidsmetoden

Salire AS ble etablert primært for å hjelpe bedrifter i Norden ved å samle både metodikk og viktige arbeidsverktøy for optimale resultater innen salg/kundebehandling på én enkelt plattform.

Selskapets hovedprodukt, AIFLOW, revolusjonerer måten bedrifter arbeider på, og er uunnværlig for virksomheter som raskt må omstilles fra tradisjonelt salgsarbeid til en digital arbeidsform.  

Leveling the playing field

Our mission is to revolutionise the small business landscape by providing innovative technology solutions that are tailored to their unique needs and challenges. We recognise that small businesses are the backbone of the economy and we are committed to providing the tools they need to thrive.


Salire products simplify and automate customer experience and new business pipeline management and empowers small business to compete in an increasingly digital ecosystem. This is achieved by removing much of the costs, complexity and required resources that often present a barrier to success.


The Salire promise is to remain laser focused on the unique needs of the smaller company. Our business is based on transparency and simplicity with recurring revenue built on lasting customer relationships. 


The people behind Salire are considered experts in their field with close to 100 years of combined business experience. Working in sales, marketing, technology and business development they have successfully launched and exited several successful companies.  

Roy Terje Lind Furnes

Founder and Sales Director


A cloud based CRM solution and project manager designed specifically to meet the unique needs of small companies. Simple, intuitive and supporting the entire customer management workflow, AIFlow delivers value from day one.


Innovative technology helping companies seamlessly integrate key business technology with a centralised CRM. 


AIGA is a remote working platform and process builder allowing companies to scale at speed. Designed for remote workforce management and/or freelance workers, the platform provides access to jobs training, project and task management, support, marketing and reporting.

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Discover the investment opportunities in Salire.

Salire is challenging an industry that represents an annual global revenue in the magnitude of USD 64 billion – predicted to reach 145,8 billion in 2029 with a CAGR (annual growth) of 13%.


We will be launching our services in several European countries in 2023 and are currently seeking capital for substantial growth. 

If you are interested in knowing more about our plans, forecasts and terms – do not hesitate to contact us.


Any IR-inquiries should be directed to our CEO – Øyvind Nordvik

Large, under-served market

The demand for CRM is at an all time high and it is predicted that this trend will continue to grow by up to 11% by 2030. The increase driven by a migration of customers over to digital channels. There is an estimated 23 million SMEs in Europe and it is estimated that around 48% have a CRM. Despite this, research shows that only 26% utilise the technology correctly. That is 17 million dissatisfied companies.

Many of the companies that initially serviced the smaller companies market have steadily increased their services to own more of the business eco system. This has led to significant challenges for smaller companies as rising costs and complex requirements make these solutions unsuitable for their unique needs. This has negative, long-term impacts on a company’s ability to grow and compete”.


AIFlow aims to reduce complexity and deliver as frictionless as possible without losing any of the power. We believe we are well positioned to service the smaller company market.

The Center of Innovation

Salire is a technological innovation company dedicated to providing small companies with competitive advantage,  when meeting the changing needs of customers, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving overall performance.

Salire has specific focus on several key areas of technology:

  • AI for predictive analytics: Analyse data sets for greater insights, decision making for pricing, marketing, budgeting and product development.

  • AI for workflow automation: Automate repetitive tasks such as customer inquiries, scheduling and report generation

  • AI for personalisation: Improving customer satisfaction through hyper personalised customer experiences, products and services.

  • AI for customer services: Improving customer satisfaction by answering queries, onboarding, predictive support.  


Roy Terje Lind Furnes

Roy is a seasoned sales director with over twenty years experience leading high functioning sales operations in Norway and across Europe. Roys strategic planning and passion for business development has helped him launch, grow and successfully exit several companies to date. 


Øyvind Nordvik

Øyvind is a highly accomplished business leader with more than 20 years experience managing international projects from startups to large enterprises. Known for his unique vision, operational expertise and agile leadership, Øyvind has delivered sustainable growth and profitability as an entrepreneur, leader and highly sought-after business strategist.


Vemund Eldegard 

With a highly relevant background from information science, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Vemund represents an asset of great value for the company. He set up his first company when he was only 19 and has since then developed several digital systems and CRMs for various clients.


Matthew Robinson

Matthew has over 25 years experience delivering highly successful marketing strategies for many leading global brands. Considered an industry expert in digital transformation and business development. Matthew has most recently been providing Go to Market and scale up strategy for Norwegian startups with impressive results. 

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Empowering small business through innovative technology


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